We have three companies of Microtemp Electrics, Yi Chun Electrics, and Hwa Tai Technology to meet customer demand in different fields.

Microtemp Electrics Co., Ltd. is a professional thermocouple manufacturer and supplier. With more than 30 years of experiences, we offer technical skills to work in the field of electronic engineers, providing services for designing, developing, and manufacturing thermocouples and temperature control system. For years, we strive to offer high quality and various types of temperature sensors to different industries. With strong R&D and QC capabilities, we provide the best solution and technical services to meet worldwide customer demand. We hold more than 50 patents and receive numerous awards for innovation. Through our broad range of technologies and professional knowledge, we strive to provide “customized total solution” to our customers.

Microtemp Electrics Co., Ltd.  is established to expand our production lines in the field of testing and measuring instruments such as meter, controller and datalogger. Through the integration of different resources, we are fully dedicated to offer customers electrical and environmental products for measurement of temperature, humidity, light, sound, airflow, water quality, and etc. Through the integration of professional knowledge and technology, we are able to provide customers products for their individual needs.

With continuous development of our enterprise, Hwa Tai Technology Co., Ltd. takes a step further to develop our partnership with more than 10 professional OEM and ODM factories in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Also, Hwa Tai Technology has been collaborated with collaboration prestigious universities in Taiwan such as NTUT for several industry-university cooperative research projects in the past years.


We hold many patents related to temperature and humidity sensor such as Temperature Sensor (Patent Number: 0077620). Soldering Iron Tip (Patent Number: 0216000), Structure in Wireless Sensor Network (Patent Number: M263725), Magnetic Temperature Sensor (Patent Number: M339675), Pipe Clamp Sensor (Patent Number: M340448), Active Temperature Sensor (Patent Number: M341209), Car humidifier (Patent Number: M435382), Remote Measurement and Control System (Patent Number: M441824), Temperature Measurement Device (Patent Number: M441819), Remote Monitoring and Controlling System (Patent Approval) and…etc.


  • D & B DUNS Registered Certificate 
  • Taipei City Government Award 
  • The XIII Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies –Bronze Medal 
  • 2011 Associazione Nazionale degli Inventori – Golden Award 
  • Top Notch Award – Active Temperature and Humidity Sensor 
  • Outstanding Inventor of Taiwan, Doctor of Erudition 
  • Certificate of Asia Leading Entrepreneur Award 
  • Certificate of Pride of the Nation Inventor Award