Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe PC-102

  • Model No.
  • Description
    Type K pipe clamp probe
  • Measurement Range
    -50 °C ~ 400°C (-58 °F ~ 752 °F)
  • Accuracy
    Class B
  • Dimension
    3~48 mm clamp jaw opening
Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe PC-102
Thermocouple Type  Standard type K thermocouple
Element Single
Temperature Range -50 °C ~ 400°C (-58 °F ~ 752 °F)
Clamp Jaw Opening 3 to 48 mm
Cable Material & Length    

Silicon straight cable in yellow: 1M (Standard)
PU coiled cable in yellow: 2M
PVC straight cable in blue: 1M

Weight 125 g
Reg. No. M340448
  • 13th Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies "Archimedes" - bronze medal Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe
  • Easy contact sensor & completely hands free
  • Wide measurement range
  • Compatible with Type K thermometers
  • High temperature measurement up to 400 °C
Pipe clamp temperature probe is ideal for measuring temperature surface of pipe in heating, ventilating, air conditioning, or engine...etc.
Optional Accessories