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Thermocouple Transmitter

Thermocouple Transmitter TT Series

  • Model No.
    TT series
  • Description
    Head mounted temperature transmitter
  • Measurement Range
    As per customer’s request
  • Accuracy
    T/C ( K, J, E, T ): ± 0.3% , RTD ( Pt100 ):±0.15%
  • Dimension
    42 Ø x 31 (H) mm
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Thermocouple Transmitter TT Series
Input Range Input Output Range Load Resistance Temperature Range
Pt 100 Ω ≧10 M ohm 4~20 mA,(2 wired) ≦(Vs-16)/20mA (ohm) -100 °C ~800°C
Type K ≧ 1 M ohm 0 °C ~1200 °C
Type J 0 °C ~1000 °C
Type E 0 °C ~800 °C
Type T -50 °C ~400 °C
Accuracy TC(K, J, E, T): ±0.3% of F.S. / RTD-PT100: ±0.15% of F.S.
Response Time ≦300 msec.
Span Adjustment ≦20% of F.S.
Zero Adjustment ≦10% of F.S.
Output Ripple ≦0.3% of F.S.
Power Supply DC 20~36V
Open Circuit Protection Upscale>22mA
Operating Temperature 0°C~60°C
Operating Relative Humidity 20% ~95% RH
Temperature Coefficient ≦100 PPM/°C
Cold junction Compensation 25±10 °C, error≦0.5 °C
Storage Temperature -10°C~70°C
Dimension 42 (D) x 31(H) mm
Housing ABS free extinguishing
Terminals Screw terminal, ≦25 mm2 wire/AWG14
Mounting DIN B-head or larger
Weight 50 g
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