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Temperature Controller

PID Temperature Controller TFC-400~900

  • Model No.
  • Description
    PID temperature controller
  • Accuracy
    0.1 % FS ± 1digit on TC/RTD/DC Linear
  • Dimension
    Please check specifications below.
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PID Temperature Controller TFC-400~900
PID temperature controller/thermocouple controller is ideal for controlling temperature and humidity. It is especially designed for all types of machinery that require temperature control systems. 
Model TFC400 TFC600 TFC700 TFC800 TFC900
Dimension 48X48 mm 96X48 mm 72X72 mm 48X96 mm 96X96 mm
Supply Voltage AC 85~265V,DC 24V (Option)
Frequency 50 /60 HZ
Power Consumption approx 4VA
Memory Non-volatile memory E2 PROM
Input Accuracy 0.1 % FS ± 1digit on Thermocouple/RTD/DC Linear
Sample Time 250ms
TC K , J , R , S , B , E , N , T , W5Re/W26Re , PLII , U , L
RTD PT100, JPT100, JPT50
mA dc 4~20mA , 0~20mA
Voltage dc 0~1V, 0~5V, 0~10V, 1~5V, 2~10V
-10~10mV, 0~10mV, 0~20mV, 0~50mV, 10~50mV
Decimal point
0000 , 000.0 , 00.00 , 0.000
Available for mA or voltage dc input
Output 1        Output Main Control Output
Relay SPST type
3A , 220V , electrical life:100,000 times or more (under rated load)
Voltage Pulse For SSR drive. ON : 24V , OFF : 0V , max load current : 20mA
mA dc 4~20mA, 0~20mA. Maximum load resistance:560 Ω
Voltage dc 0~5V, 0~10V, 1~5V, 2~10V . Max load current:20mA
Alarm 1 SPST type SPDT type SPST type SPDT type SPDT type
3A , 220V , electrical life:100,000 times or more (under rated load)
Control Algorithm PID,P,PI,PD,ON/OFF(P=0),FUZZY
PID range P: 0 ~ 200 %,I: 0~3600s,D: 0~900s
Isolation Output terminals (control output , alarm , transmission) and input terminals are isolated separately
Isolated resistance 10MΩ or more between input and case (ground) at DC 500 V
10MΩ or more between output and case (ground) at DC 500 V
Dielectric strength 1000V AC for 1 minute between input terminal and case (ground)
1500V AC for 1 minute between output terminal and case (ground)
Operating temperature 0~50°C
Humidity range 20~90%RH
Weight 150g 225g 225g 225g 300g


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