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Thermocouple Transmitter

Thermocouple Transmitter RTD-PTR-01

  • Model No.
  • Description
    RTD isolated transmitter
  • Measurement Range
    Temperature: 0°C~60 °C, Humidity: Below 90% RH
  • Accuracy
    ±0.15% (23±5 °C)
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Thermocouple Transmitter RTD-PTR-01
Operating Temperature 0 °C~60 °C/ Below 90% RH
Storage Temperature -10 °C~ 70 °C/ Below 80% RH
Accuracy ±0.15% (23±5 °C)
Power Supply AC 115V±10 %, 50/60 Hz
AC230V±10%. 50/60Hz
Option DC 12,24,48, 120V ±20%
Power Consumption Apporx. 5VA
Dielectric Strength AC 1800V/ 1 min (Input/Power)
Span Adjustment ±10%
Zero Adjustment ±5%
Response Time 0.4 sec (0~90%)
Mounting DIN rail
Isolation Input/Output/Power/Case
Input sensor PT-100 (standard)
Range -100°C~500 °C
Output Voltage 0V~10V Load resistance – output voltage÷10mA
Output Current 0 mA~20 mA Load resistance = 10V ÷ output current
Output ripple ≦0.5% RO. (peak-peak)
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